Postgraduate Students Honoring Ceremony (test)

The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at the University of Science and Technology – Aden holds an honoring ceremony for graduate students on the occasion of the conclusion of the academic year and the conclusion of the training course in strategic planning organized by the Deanship of Graduate Studies, and implemented by the trainer Dr. Bashir Al Hammadi, and the honoring ceremony was attended by Prof. Abdul Ghani Hamid Ahmed – Acting President of the University, and the brothers, deans of faculties and professors of graduate studies.

In his speech, he welcomed Mr. Dr.. Abdul-Ghani Hamid Ahmed, the acting president of the university, called on new students in various specializations, and urged them to make more efforts in academic achievement and research.

At the ceremony, Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Haidari, Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, gave a speech on the importance of scientific research and its role in the development of society, in which he also praised the special interest that the University Presidency attaches to graduate studies and scientific research.

This was followed by a speech by the Dean of the College of Administrative Sciences and Humanities, in which he provided instructions for students to benefit more from achievement and scientific research.

The graduate students expressed their thanks to the presidency of the university and the Deanship of Graduate Studies through a speech delivered by the student / Marwa Marwan Muhammad.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates of participation in the training course were distributed.

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